Brenda, I have to thank you again for doing an outstanding job for Kim.  I believe you are the best realtor I have ever encountered, and we have bough and sold homes for over 30 years.  Many realtors put their own bottom line first, but you put your client's best interests first in outstanding fashion.  You are a true professional in every way, incorporating real integrity throughout the process.

06-01-2018        - Tom Kircher 

Brenda is incredible! She worked with us to sell our old home and purchase a new home. She went above and beyond our expectations - moving things around to help us look at homes in an incredibly hot market, doing last minute showings, and dealing with what ended up being an incredibly complex purchase with renovations that we ended up doing. We would have struggled so much without her support and guidance. I would recommend her to anyone!

 - Kendall Berg

I get to see Brenda from a different perspective. She recent worked with a client that found a beautiful home. They needed to move fast to secure the house. The client was not ready to decide. Brenda was patient, listened the client’s needs and worked with the builder. The client needed a few things, I didn’t think could be achieved. Brenda found a way. Once you find a winning solution for all parties, success and new keys are right around the corner. Brenda is amazing, give her a call.

  - Patty Newby

Brenda was a dream come true. My wife and i would go to open houses when we saw one, and the agents were pushy and did not want to listen to what we were after. They said what we were after was the house they were selling when it wasn't. I got Brenda's name from a flyer sent to my daughters house. I gave her a call and lo and behold, she listened to us. Brenda worked with us for over a year checking in occasionally to see if our plans had changed. She would send us a listing of homes she thought we might like, but it was never the 'perfect' house for us. After a year, she found us the perfect house for our needs. Again, she was never pushy and she listened to us. I look on Brenda now as a friend and not my agent and recommend her very strongly. She is a different breed of agent who actually cares.

Robert Schwarz

Brenda provided us with outstanding service throughout the transaction regarding our home purchase. Prompt and professional, she made sure everything went smooth. We are happy that we utilized her as our realtor and we think you will as well.

Tom McDowra

Brenda you were wonderful in finding us and investor to buy our house for a reasonable price. We appreciate the work you did for us. Thank you.

Kay Chapa

Brenda was a fantastic realtor. She patiently assisted my husband and I as first-time homebuyers for several months before we finally found the perfect property. Brenda made the process so easy for us, and she was very proactive about making sure the process went as smoothly as possible. She was a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend her to anyone!

 - Kristen Fowler

We were looking for a house in DFW area. Brenda is able to provide the properties which meets our need and specially was able to help us negotiate the price and lock the deal with seller even though the market is so hot in this area right now. We are very pleased to work with her and satisfied with her service and knowledge. We'll definitely recommend her to others who are looking for purchasing a property.

Zhen Lin

Brenda is a very responsible, highly professional realtor, whom I give all my referrals. In an environment of residential realtors on every corner, Brenda stands out as someone who can meet the needs of any home buyer.

Tom C.

Our second go 'round with Ms Brenda. We listed the home she helped us purchase 3 years ago, and she sold it with multiple offers within a week! Don't let her calm, pleasant and graceful demeanor fool you. This real estate dynamo is a tough negotiator! She told us what we needed to do to get top dollar for our home, and she delivered. I cannot recommend her enough. If you are looking for a mothering, pushover who will tell you whatever they think you want to hear just to get the deal, look elsewhere. If you want straight, honest communication, backed with a stellar knowledge of the local market, then Brenda is your Realtor. I'm looking forward to the next deal, and I know Brenda will make it happen!

Jay O.

We just finished selling our home in Carrollton. Brenda Mancil With RE/MAX did a phenomenal job. From hiring an outstanding photographer and putting together a great listing we were on the market for less than two days before we received an offer exceeding asking price. If you are looking at buying or selling a home in the DFW area I highly recommend That you contact Brenda Mancil with RE/MAX. Thanks again Brenda for all your help we couldn't have done it with out you.

I recently purchased a home in Carrollton and Brenda was a huge help. I separated from the military in Germany just a few months ago and Brenda has worked with me in order to find a home that fit my family within our budget. From the people that she recommended to the listing she showed me everything surpassed my expectations and without her I know I would still be house hunting. I recommend and I will always use Brenda with any real estate transactions.

Joshua T.

I would definitely recommend Brenda to anyone trying to buy a home in the Dallas area. Not only is she knowledgeable about the area, she gives excellent advice and helps guide you through every step of the buying process. Brenda is professional and always available to answer any questions or concerns that you might have. If I need to sell my home in the future, she is the one that I will call.

Natalie G.
Brenda was an amazing agent, who not only was there to meet my needs, she anticipated most of them. Extremely personable and nice to work with. Truly your advocate when you need her. I highly recommend her and intend to use her should I ever have the need again. Thanks Brenda!!!
Michael M.

Brenda Mancil listed my condo and I had three written offers the same day. She used a professional photographer and the pictures of my home turned out beautifully. Brenda truly understands the importance of using technology to reach perspective buyers. She is very professional as well as responsive to text messages, emails and phone calls. I would highly recommend you contact Brenda Mancil to sell your home.

Maridon M.

Brenda is a true professional Realtor. She is just as pleasant as she is knowledgeable about the market and showing/staging homes. She has an eye for detail that can make or break buying and/or selling your home. We highly recommend her to all our friends.

Regan S.

Brenda is awesome! I have bought two houses with her as my agent and sold one. She is on your side 100% of the time. Brenda is great at searching for properties using what you have told her you want and also working with your schedule to look at them. She is also great at getting your property on the market by using many resources my house sold in 10 days! I would highly recommend Brenda for either buying or selling a property. I have bought and sold many times and she is the only agent I have used a second time and recommended to my friends and family. You will not be disappointed or frustrated with her.

Michelle M

Enjoyed working with Brenda on the selling of my house in Plano. She was very professional to work with and very responsible to email or text, when I had any questions.. The house was sold in a couple of days, which made me very happy..

I would highly recommend her to anybody that is looking for a Top Level Agent.

Thanks again Brenda for all your help...


Brenda Mancil helped me find a really nice condo in the price range I was looking for north of Dallas. This was around 2004 or 2005...it's been so long ago I don't even remember. Anyways I was trying to find her again for some advice because she was so good and I googled around and couldn't find her...turns out I googled the last name wrong. I can't believe it, I was doing some apt cleaning service reviews and I see her name and face here on YELP! This is incredible! I just want to tell her hi and thanks again for all the hard work she put in for me! When anyone in my family needs a Realtor, I'm getting hold of Brenda! Now that I found her I'm copying her info down into my address book and guarding it with my life. I wouldn't even consider calling another agent IF Brenda is still in the biz and I can only imagine how much better (if that is even possible) she is today. If you want an agent that really fights for you and negotiates your seller's price down w/o even asking her, look no further! Brenda is unmatched in my book! She's like the PERRY MASON of Realtors!

Jason K.
Brenda Mancil was delightful for my husband and I to work with. She definitely has had a lot of experience and was extremely knowledgeable. She was always available to show properties and was constantly sending us updated search results. We were amazed with her ability to negotiate and get us what we needed. I highly recommend Brenda Mancil.. You will be blown away with her expertise in service!

 - Rikki B. 

Brenda made my first home buying experience spectacular! She is an outstanding realtor and definitely knows the ins and outs of the housing market. Brenda was always available to show properties and even went above and beyond to contact builders about new construction opportunities. After I found my home, Brenda continued to make herself available by answering questions and giving helpful advice as a home owner. A realtor is evidently a huge part in the home buying process, and Brenda made the process very easy and stress free. I highly recommend Brenda Mancil for buying or selling a home! Her knowledge, experience, professionalism and compassion will not disappoint!

Ashley S.

Brenda is the BEST!! She is very informative about the Dallas area and knows her Real Estate. I would recommend her to all my friends and family. Very professional, smart, and funny are just a few words to describe her! If you are looking for a great agent to represent you for a purchase and make you feel comfortable, Brenda should be your choice!

Tricia W.

Brenda is a top-notch realtor! Not only is she very knowledgeable about real estate, but she works closely with her clients throughout the home buying/selling process. Even after closing she stays in contact with her clients and maintains relationships with them. She is truly one of the best I've ever worked with!

Karen G.

I've bought 5 homes with Brenda over the years and wouldn't consider working with anyone else. She is on top of her game! She provides answers to questions I haven't even thought to ask yet. She is an expert in Dallas area real estate and always finds the perfect house for me at excellent prices. My husband and I have NEVER had "buyers remorse" when working with her.

Suzie M.